Monday, June 17, 2013

First cheesecake!

When my S-I-L shared this recipe of a no-bake Oreo cheesecake on her blog, I bookmarked it for a must-try. Vish's first Father's Day presented the perfect opportunity :D. 
The recipe is fairly simple and the end product is soo yumm. How can it not be with - complete with lots of whipped cream, cream cheese and Oreo cookies! (I am dead serious about trying out more varieties of cheesecakes!)

Slurrp...time to dig into the leftover in the refrigerator :P.

And this time around, I did not forget taking a pic. ;)

(P.S. Whenever I whip cream and then decorate the cake, it always falls - doesn't stay sharp - any tips and tricks?)


  1. It looks even better than it must have tasted!!!!

  2. Yuvi, I am SO ready with tips, tricks, and especially advice on most any topic--usually when I know Nothing about it!

    Cooking, however, is SO FAR OUT from the perimeter of my "anything"...that I go to "Cheesecake Factory".

    Nice to "see" you still writing,Yuvika...and remembering to present your cooking creations in photo format. LOOKS good to me, don't know what is meant by falling cake, but I can guess. In OUR house that would mean "I ate it!"

    See you again soon....

    1. ha ha ha - i meant the cream doesn't remain as I had set it :). I love cheesecake factory - nothing can ever beat it!


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