Thursday, June 20, 2013


साक़ी से गिला तो मैखाने से हमने मुंह मोड़ लिया;

हमसफ़र से शिक्वा और कारवाँ ही छोड़ दिया;

आफ़ताब ने ऐसा जलाया कि रोशिनी से मन ऊब गया;

साहिल पे जो मात खाई, लेहेरों पे फिर यकीं कहाँ हुआ।

हँसी ने जब गम को पनाह दी, ख़ुशी को अलविदा कह दिया;

ऐसा इश्क़ की हम हम ना रहे, जुनूँ  से भी रिश्ता तोड़ दिया;

अंधेरों में अब वोह बात कहाँ, रात से जब बैर हो गया;

खामोशी ने ऐसा साथ निभाया, बातों पर यकीं ना रहा।

और भी गिले हैं, शिक्वे कई - शायद सबको भुला दिया,

चोट भी हैं और दर्द भी वहीँ - अब तो सब सह लिया;

तुमसे क्या बैर, ख़ुदा ने भी कुछ ख़ास साथ ना दिया,

पर ना  जाने  क्यूँ, उसके जहाँ को सीने से लगा लिया।


(Last time I took a shot at hindi poetry, some readers came back asking for an English translation. Everyone knows translation can never convey the absolute original intended meaning, but nevertheless, here's an attempt for the piece above:


I didn't get along with the tavern keeper, so stopped going to the very tavern.
Discontentment with my soul mate, and I abandoned the journey.
The sun left such deep burns that I fell out with light itself.
How I was cheated at the shore, I could never trust the waves again.

When my smile gave sanctuary to my sorrow, I bid farewell to happiness forever.
Such love that I lost myself; passion has now deserted me.
The darkness no longer inspires awe or fear since I befriended the very night.
Silence has been such an ardent companion, I no longer trust conversations.

I have many grievances, many disappointments too - but most have been forgotten.
There's hurt and there is pain - but I have borne it all.
What can I hold against you when God himself was never by my side;
Yet, I don't know why, I embraced his world close to my heart.


  1. Yuvika, I haven't read much of hindi poetry on internet so please pardon me on my silly question but i am not able to break the words ? How do I do that so that i can read it easily.

    1. Ananmika... If I understood your question correctly then this should be the answer:

      Look for the gaps in the line that joins the Hindi alphabets. A word will have these alphabets tied together into a word. The minute you see a gap/ disconnect in that line- a new word begins

    2. Thanks Sameera..It worked :)

  2. "हँसी ने जब गम को पनाह दी, ख़ुशी को अलविदा कह दिया;"

    Kya baat hai!!

    P.S: This makes me realize I need to read more Hindi poetry! :)

  3. Sorta lost here, Yuvika, my failing. I think I understood that this person suffers emotionally TOO MUCH. Such negative thoughts. I do not think that way any more--No Matter What (NMW!)

    God is not at the person's side, even while that person embraced his world. I have always thought that God wants us to want HIM, not things of this world. (I just KNOW I've got it all screwed up!)

    It is just too late for me to learn another language without living where that language is spoken....sigh!

    Thank you, it made me to think!

    1. I am glad you read through the translation! It's interesting when you say God is never on the person's side - one would expect him to be right?

  4. lovely! though I loved the translation more than the urdu poem :P

    I loved the essence of the same :)

    1. I am not surprised. the comfort with the language is obvious.


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