Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Overheard (contd.)

Continuing from my post here...

So, if kiddie conversations seem cute and fun to us, what do adults talk about - loudly enough to be heard by innocent bystanders. Here are some conversations I have overheard...

A college going teen on her phone in a crowded public bus in Delhi ... (obviously to her boyfriend :))
"No, I can't say it. I am in a bus. No. There are so many people around. How can I? Okay, you say it. Why can't you say it? No, please. Try and understand naa......"
(This actually went on for 5 minutes and all the co passengers seemed either amused or irritated - I was both. I felt like telling her, just say it and get it over with - I can't bear more of this on this morning.)
..."Okay, don't get angry. I will say it later twice to make up. Okay, my stop is coming. Okay, you say. Okay, me too...he he he. bye!"
(Seriously, me too! What a relief!)

An Indian couple at the clothes section in Target...
Wife picks up a woolen skirt.
Husband: Yaar, why do you always pick up something that does not suit you. How will you wear this? You are so fat.
(The wife was on the bulkier side, but she couldn't pass off as "fat"!)
Wife: So what, everybody wears!
Husband: Yeah, but they looks good in it. You look horrible - like you are trying to be someone else.
(The poor wife places the skirt back and from what I could read of her expression, she was done with her shopping for the day. There's something very condescending about some infact many Indian husbands. They might have the most unflattering of paunches and double chins, but somehow they feel they have this right to comment on their wives' appearances and belittle her and discourage her from wearing different styles of clothing. I swear to god, if Vish hadn't pulled me away, I would have punched this guy on his face. He was so rude and condescending, I can't tell you!)

In the grocery aisle of Walmart, an American couple discussing what veggies to buy...
Wife: Should I pick up broccoli?
Husband: Naah, you don't make it very well.
Wife: What do you mean? Why don't you take a shot at it then?
Husband: No, what I meant was my mom makes this really amazing dish with broccoli.
Wife: Well, I can't be your mom. Though you are most welcome to go back to her lap!
(Me: :D :D kahaani ghar ghar ki, kahaani har ghar ki... - translated inadequately in English as "the story of every household")

And while, adult conversation in the public on politics, stocks, trade, sports are fairly common (and boring!) and extend to strangers, there are people who manage intimate discussions too...
This is a couple in the Delhi Metro...
Boy: So, is it a yes from you?
Girl: I am not sure.
Boy: What are you not sure about?
Girl: What if you don't love me, it's only infatuation.
Boy: No, I know it. This is love.
Girl: How can you be so sure. Have you been in love before?
Boy: No, And that is why I am so sure.
Girl: So you have felt infatuation before?
Boy: Yes, but it was not love. This is love.
Girl: Maybe this is just a stronger infatuation. And previously, when you were infatuated, didn't you think that was love too.
Boy: Maybe, but I soon realized it wasn't.
Girl: What if, now the realization comes a little later. Then what will you do?
Boy: I am sure this time.
Girl: So, actually what you are saying is I am not your first really?
Boy: You are my first love.
Girl: Or maybe first strong infatuation
Boy: I swear I am serious.
Girl: Even if it is love, you might fall out of love some day, then what?
(And the conversation went on. I had to get off at my stop, though I seriously considered hanging on to see where this ended...)


  1. haha nice read! The boy-girl conversations are funny. to be young and in love :-D

    And that rude husband, bah. next time do give him a piece of your mind. On my behalf too.

  2. you shud have sat.. we would have got more spice out .. i wonder what they decided in the end then :)

    and yeah that husband was rude for sure , bad man


  3. oh dear! maybe you can find some happier spots! like lunch with my girlfriends...we just laugh!
    people are not always mean and condesending.

    1. I need to find such happier spots too!

  4. Have the colours here changed a wee bit?

    Sometimes mentally and involuntarily I keep replying to the many conversations I hear (rather overhear!). There are so many thinks one can study while listening in esp the husband who thought his wife was very fat. He knew how to be mean. maybe he would have been right but still.

    Joy always,

  5. I wish you had a chance to give your opinion to that rude indian guy.I've seen a lot of this too .. really ugly,fat indian guys confidently commenting about the looks of every girl they see!


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