Friday, December 16, 2011

Migratory (Birds)

Let’s pack our bags and leave -
In warmer places we’ll better thrive.
It’s getting cold and dry and barren;
Time has come to find another haven.

If we make it through winter,
Spring will bring sunny cheer;
And before the sun gets harsh,
It’s a promise, we’ll come back.

What we abandon is not home,
What we come back to, will surely be.
This flight we take is not last out;
There is no point of no-return.

It is the gift of wings that keeps us,
Safe from harm and free of fetters.
We are blessed by the heavens,
Like no other being has been.

Those tiny people you see below -
Envy us in their thoughts and verses.
They leave home and hearth and family,
Chasing the ever elusive perfect happiness.

They build bridges to reduce distances,
And walk miles on them without a care;
But when they grow tired, yearning to return -
Their paths lie burnt, and nobody awaits.


  1. if only it was so easy to pack bags and jsut leave ..
    birds are so lucky they can go where they want when they want ..

    a beautiful poem ..
    some truth in the end .. a bit sad tooo .. I know

    I have come so far from home I hope when i go back home all is there I had written a punjabi poem on something like that ..


  2. Are you moving again?

    Wonderful to see the muse rise up within you.

    Joy always,

  3. Didn't I tell you, you should write poems more often?

    I loved that it is from a bird's perspective and how much it tells about human nature.

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  5. lovely poem.... so very realistic...

  6. As has often been shown, the simplicity enchances, rather than undercuts, the excellence of this poem.

    I liked the "consonance" - whether intentional or not - in cases like "barren" ~ "haven", "leave" ~ "thrive" and "us" ~ "fetters" ~ "heavens" ~ "verses" ~ happiness" as it serves to contrast and compare related images.

    The last stanza was hard-hitting, especially the concluding lines:

    "But when they grow tired, yearning to return -
    Their paths lie burnt, and nobody awaits."

    My favourite lines, however, were the ones below: they take the poem to a different level.

    "What we abandon is not home,
    What we come back to, will surely be."

  7. Thank you all for writing in - really appreciate all your encouragement.

    @Susan: nope, not moving :)

  8. Written so Wonderfully.

    I sensed a lot of positive thoughts, and then I realized that it (first few stanzas) was from the bird's point of view and not the Humans.
    Great :-)

  9. Yes, isn;t grass always greener and the sky always inviting on the other side :) though I wonder if the birds ever envy us

  10. Beautiful. Yes, you should write poems more twice a day..:D :D

  11. I wish I cud - I only rarely find my muse!

  12. so right. Easy to pack up, fly away. Happy like birds. True then, returning, bridges are destroyed, and nobody 'waiting'.

    Sometimes, the dinner is worth the price. Life is BIG!

    All is well.....

  13. That,s so flowing like life itself.


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