Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The ABC Song!

Seems like it’s the tag season. Picked up this one from Bikram’s post here.

All those who have time to spare, consider yourself TAGGED!

Here goes me…

- Available: No – occupied and busy, very busy…
- Age: At the wrong end of the 20s
- Animals: Horses

- Beer: Not for me, bring on the wine though!
- Birthday: Just round the corner
- Best friend: Hubby dearest
- Body Part on opposite sex: The grey matter in that cranium!
- Best feeling in the world: At the beach, where I can hear the waves crashing on the rocks and feel the balmy breeze on my cheeks
- Best weather: I mind the sun. Rain, thunder, storm, hail and snow – all make my day.
- Been in Love: Yeah yeah, been there, done that!
- Been on stage: Yes, loads of times – for debates, JAMs, dramatics, compering and even dancing!
- Believe in Magic: Umm would like to believe in magic but reality bites hard,
- Believe in Santa: Ofcourse – in Santa and Rudolf and all such stuff that magically gets you gifts!
- Brand: Identity crisis!

- Candy: Melody and Hajmola Imli ;)
- Color: White, Blue, Peach, Pink, Violet, Red, Black – actually all of them depending on what mood I am in.
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate brownies with hot chocolate fudge on a generous helping of light chocolate and vanilla ice-cream – and a double helping of that pls.
- Chinese/Indian/Italian: Italian
- Cake or pie: Cake
- Cheese: In any form and all kinds!

- Day or Night: Depends for what!
- Dancing in the rain: Makes living life worthwhile

- Eyes: Clear and transparent
- Ever failed a class?: Nahiiiiiii
- Enemies: I am sure I have many, I like to believe I have consciously made none
- Exercise: Much needed - Wish was more regular at that

- First thoughts waking up: How many more minutes can I laze around before it becomes too late to wake up
- Food: Another reason that convinces you the world is not such a bad place

- Greatest Fear: Darkness
- Goals: None, I just kick around
- Get along with your parents: Yes, pretty well and to add, they are managing quite well too ;)

- Hair Color: Black
- Happy: Happy!
- Holiday: Nothing as holier as the day that’s a holiday!

- Ice Cream: In all flavors with lots of nuts

- Jewelry: Minimalistic
- Job: That pays bills

- Kids: Love them! Hope to have my own someday ;)
- Kickboxing or karate: Karate – a senior green belter, mind you :D
- Keep a journal? In the stone age when Internet had not invaded our lives and then blogs happened.

- Love: Makes the world go round
- Laughed so hard you cried: Yes yes, so many times!

- Milk flavor: Chocolate – latest is cold milk with Hersheys chocolate syrup.
- Movies: All lovey dovey romances, candy floss love stories and chick flicks.
- Motion sickness: A bad case of that I am :(
- McD’s or BK: Mc Donald’s in India – anywhere else, it doesn’t matter cos both have nothing to offer vegetarians!

- Number: Infinity

- One wish: That I could get some more wishes!

- Perfect Pizza: Domino’s thin crust – Mexican green wave with an extra helping of olives – spruced up with oregano and lots of chilly flakes
- Pepsi/Coke: None
- Perfume/Cologne: Perfume – Dolce Gabbana Gold

- Quail: Reptiles

- Reason to cry: movies, books, unfortunate incidents, memories, nostalgia , too much off love and happiness, self-sympathy trips…
- Reality T.V : A haven for desperados
- Radio Station: It’s been ages since I tuned into one

- Song: So many…all time favs would be
English: Stairway to heaven
Hindi: Yeh honsla kaise ruke
- Shoe size: Among the smaller ones
- Salad Dressing: Thousand Island
- Skinny dip: Leave it t the skinny people to have!
- Strawberries/Blueberries : Strawberries…!
- Sport: What is that?

- Tattoos: Too painful for me!
- Thunderstorms: Make for shady pseudo romantic moments in Indian cinema

- Unpredictable: Me Me Me

- Vacation spot(s): Would love to see all the famous tourist spots in the world – Greece and Venice are up on my list!

- Weakness: Emotions rule the head.
- Who makes you laugh the most: rather what - Life and its vicissitudes
- Worst Weather?: Depression

- X-Rays: A pain at the airports

-Year it is now: 2011
-Yellow: Sunflowers – bright and cheery

- Zoo animal: Love the Giraffe!

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  1. Wow.. Thats a nice post!! Reminded me of slam books back in high school :)

  2. yeah - only a little too long :)

  3. Hey thanks for taking up the tag .. lovely answers .. :)

    take care



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