Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WTF Series: Episode 02: Random Incidents!

So, the CM of Uttar Pradesh, the rape capital of India has dismissed the surge of crimes against women in her state as “Random Incidents”. Here’s the official quote,
“UP is a populous state and we consider such cases as random incidents. It will be wrong to say that such incidents reflect on the ability of the administration”

Very true, with over 199 million people, UP is the most Indian populous state, and the world’s most populous sub-national entity.

Out of these 199 million people, the approximate total number of women would be less than 94 million (now the sex ratio being skewed is a whole new blog post!).

Of these 94 million women, in the last 48 hours, only 6 have been raped – Ofcourse these are random incidents!

I found some statistics around such “random incidents” – mind you, these are only in one financial year and ofcourse include only registered cases. In 2007-08, the state recorded 21,215 cases of violence, including 2,066 cases of dowry death, 1,532 cases of rape, and 3,819 cases of kidnapping.

I have only one question to the authorities concerned – so how many more women and girls should be raped and harassed and killed before we can conclusively state that crime against women is a disease in endemic proportions in so many states of India, especially UP, and needs a coordinated administrative and judicial effort to control it?

Seriously, WTF!


  1. I applaud you for bringing up the post with statistics.

    Disgusting.....! Only if she gets molested or something she will understand the sensitivity of the so called "Random Incident!"


  2. It always disgusts me when women politicians do nothing to improve the lives of women.. worse, they behave like men & pass insensitive comments. I was horrified to read about the brutal way these women were treated. What is wrong with Indian men? Why do they behave like rabid dogs on heat?

  3. you did some reserach on this .. nice one .. its a shame how officials play wit hthe figure
    a million rapes of 1 rape it is still disgusting ...


  4. Thanks guys, u never know how bad the situation is till u realize that official statistics, which are often conservative, are also mind boggling!


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