Thursday, June 16, 2011

Introducing WTF Series and Episode 01

Now, here’s something new I am thinking of starting – The WTF series! You know there are those times when you come across something really really atrocious and the first and the most emphatic exclamation that you can manage is WTF!...
...There’s nothing really to elaborate or blog about in detail but you cannot simply just ignore and maybe a tweet wouldn’t do full justice to it!

Well WTF series is going to be an episodic succession of such WTF moments (maybe personal ones too), news items, snippets, quotes, conversations, experiences and more! I aim to keep these posts fairly brief – all compiled under the tag WTF.

So how do you like the idea? I would love it if you readers and visitors also contributed to WTF episodes!

So here I go…

WTF: Episode 01

News Item: Maharashtra raises drinking age to 25!
So you can decide who rules the country by exercising voting rights, you can decide who rules your life by marrying them (legally!) and also have children. You can drive, choose a career, get promotions, earn salaries with 5 and 6 digits, have bank accounts, trade in stocks and shares, change your religion or citizenship, if you wish, and even smoke, BUT you cannot drink alcohol.
Seriously, WTF!


  1. good idea... i mean ur article on WTF not with the GOVt. :)

    will send you some ...


  2. Sounds like a great theme post... Seriously WTF is wrong with them. They want to control our life..

  3. @Bikram: Thanks, will wait for ur stuff!

    @AK: thank u!

    @Sameera :)

  4. hahaha
    i wud love to see more in this WTF series..

    but yeah 25 is too much..

  5. I am hoping to come across more such items - any help in this regard is appreciated :)


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