Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The potency of the human mind…

…Is frightening to say the least. Leave it unleashed and it obliterates your very existence, but what can tame it – social conditioning, aligning to what others define as “normal” and “acceptable”?

What happens when the chemical concoctions brewing in your brain refuse to assimilate in the proportion they need to for you to be deemed fit for community living?

How do you disassociate with what your psyche perceives as real and ally with what the people around you see?

We as a society are intolerant to any behavior that we recognize “different” from what has been understood as the norm. We are so insecure about our fragile social constructs of “normalcy” that the minute a person behaves even slightly tangential to what we are “used to”, we go on the defensive – our first reaction is to protect ourselves, and the second to “judge” - brandish the person as “mentally challenged” or “flawed in personality or character”.
The more sympathetic among us try to derive logical reasons, try to “sort” thing out, try to find a “cure”.
But, none of us “accept” and “include”.

Our rigid set-ups do not make allowances for an overactive imagination, for a passionately fiery spirit, for an individual who might have a different arrangement of molecules in the grey matter in their system.

Each one of us is unique - yet only to a limited extent, after which we all “conform”. The price for non-conformance is too huge to pay – alienation from society – friends and family.

Like everything else in life, there are no easy solutions to the exclusivity we all practice as part of community living. Acceptance must begin at home, at the level of the family unit. That is our only hope.

(I have not been able to coherently string together the many thoughts that a close association with one such powerfully distinctive mind evoked in me a while back – But, I finally decided to publish this long pending draft to share with you the frustration at our inability to assimilate variations into mainstream – forget assimilation, we refuse to acknowledge the rights of “differently” constructed individuals to lead a normal life – we just give up on them, we subject them to indifference or anger – pushing them into greater depths of estrangement – we make them pay for what is out of their control – the mind – the omnipotent mind that is above the individual.)


  1. So true how we quickly come to judge people when they are a little different from the norm that we have designed for ourselves..We need to understand that people who are different are more unique than any 'normal' person can ever be..We need to learn to celebrate the uniqueness in everybody rather than judging them..Good post :)

  2. We need to identify each individual uniquely. If only we stop interfering with what people have to be like.. we can let them become what they actually are.

    Nice post.

    Few days back I had touched upon a similar issue. In case you want to take a look:

  3. Thank you guys!

    @Sameera: read your post, cudn;t agree with u more!

  4. I undergo similar thoughts most of the times. It is worthwhile thinking of issues as these but to come to a conclusion or solution is impossible. Every normalcy can be questioned: Who sets the normal and how it came to be. I guess it is also very cultural. What is normal in one culture is abnormal in others. Long ago, I flirted with this idea in one of my posts. Let me get the link now. Wait. Got that:

    Well, let me stop here.

    Have a lovely weekend dear Yuvika :)

    Joy always,

  5. Thanks for writing in Susan. Read your post too. Very well articulated.

  6. well written
    very thoughful
    very difficult to understand the person

  7. You are right. You are perfectly right. It's a result of emotions and patterns society has developed. It's a perfect system of control to make humans believe they're in control of their life.

    A work of art.Flawless.


  8. Agree with you ... Thank you for writing in!


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