Wednesday, March 17, 2010

“Quotable Quotes”

There was a wonderful quote in one of the Star Wars episode (I don’t remember which one) that went, “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is”. And you bet it is!

These days I am spending some terrific cheery times with my sister-in-law’s kids. It’s absolutely rejuvenating to be with them – there is so much constant banter, sincere reflections on little miracles growing up teaches you to ignore and the sheer joy of rediscovering the taken-for-granted facts of life, that you actually begin to believe that this world may not be such a bad place after all.

My nephew, Ads, is a certified prodigy. All of four, he comes up with the most dumbfounding questions and amazing statements. Conversations with him are an absolute delight – a patient and enthusiastic communicator, he wins your heart in less than a fraction of a second.

I thought it would be a good idea to record some of the interesting chats we both have had in the past couple of days – most, as you will notice, are perfect pearls of wisdom.

Read on:

Ads: Are you an Indian?
Me: Yes, what about you?
Ads: I am an Indian, but I am crème.
Me: What about me?
Ads: You are also crème. But Indians are also brown.
Me: Do you like crème Indians or brown Indians?
Ads: I don’t care about crème or brown. I like all.
(The world has a lot to learn from you baby!)

Ads: What are people living in Chennai called? Chennaians?
Me: No, they are called Chennai-ites!
Ads: Why are they not called Chennaians, like Indians?
Me (without a convincing answer): Because Chennaians does not sound right. It is Chennai-ites!
Ads: So are you a Chennai-ite?
Me: Yes, but am also a Delhi-ite. I was in Delhi for a long long time. Like when you go to Delhi (My SIL is relocating to Delhi), you will become a Delhi-ite.
Ads (Emphatically): NO! I will be Indian – I will always remain Indian. I will not be Chennai-ite or Delhi-ite.
(Is one particular Maharashtrian listening?)

Ads: Guess what - I know all my numbers.
Me: Wow! Can you count?
Ads: Yes, I can count till 100, 1000, million, billion, zillion, gazillion.
Me: Wow! I can also count all the numbers.
Ads: Ok, you know infinity?
Me: Yes, when you cannot count, it’s infinity.
Ads: After what number does infinity come?
Me: After gazillion…
Ads: Why is not gazillion and one after gazillion?
(Can you please ask questions your age?)

Me: Do you like me Ads?
Ads: Yes I do.
Me: Oh, thank you (I then give him a “big hug” and a kiss to seal our friendship)
Ads: I rubbed your kissie – It’s not there now.
Me: It is still there, my kisses are permanent – they cannot be rubbed.
Ads (very sternly): Let’s not discuss this.

Me: Oh my god, Yukta (Ads’ 1 yr old sis) is meddling with the plug point, please pull her away Ads.
Ads: Yukta (pulling her away), get off, RIGHT NOW. You will now not play with us. Go to mommy right now!
Me: Ads, don’t be rough with her, she’s still a baby!
Ads (in a matter of fact manner): Yuvika, I can’t help it, SHE IS SUCH A PAIN!

Ads: I want to build my own Disney Park.
Me: Great, what all rides will you have?
Ads: Let me think about it. Around 50 rides like, airplane rides, buzz light year rides – then we will have people in costumes who will pretend to be cartoon characters – nobody will have to pay for food also.
Me: That sounds really good. So you will build it with your super powers? (Ads claims he is a super hero with super powers and their’s is the only super family in the whole universe)
Ads: Noooo, I can’t waste time waiting for magic to happen. I will have to start building it myself – with lot of hard work.
(very sensible for a 4-year old!)

Ads (at bed time): Tell me a nice violent story with lot of wild animals who kill and eat other wild animals.
Me: Ads why do you like so much violence?
Ads: I dunno, but I like violence.
Me: Won’t you get scared.
Ads: I can never get scared. I am a super hero, a power ranger. But sometimes my “bones” feel scared (Ads conveniently pushes off everything on his bones – his bones get angry, fussy, scared, hungry, irritating – but he is always the angel).
Me: Are your bones scared of wild animals?
Ads; No, we live in the city – there are no wild animals here. But can aliens come here?
Me: No, there are no aliens – these are just stories. We don’t know if aliens exist.
Ads: Even if they exist, do they hate human beings?
Me: No!
Ads: Why would they come to our planet then?
Me: Just to visit us, maybe they lost their way or something.
Ads: I don’t like this planet too much. I plan to destroy the whole planet and build a new planet.
Me: If you destroy the whole planet what will happen to me, mama, thatha, nani?
Ads: No, I will take all the nice people to the new planet.
Me: Good idea. Don’t take the bad people, don’t take thieves and robbers.
Ads: But what if the thieves promise not to do anything. Then I should give them a second chance, right? If they don’t behave themselves, we will drop them back to Earth.
(Love you, Ads!)

As and when I collect some more of the wise guy’s discourses, I promise to post them here – don’t want to lose these precious moments to memory.

More of Ads’ gems have been preserved for posterity by his mommy dearest here.


  1. ha ha ha ha...the kid is so smart and witty. These days kids grow up fast and this one seems like a super kid!
    Loved the post...awesome!

  2. I guess he is 10 yr old who is in a 4 year old body..I was so dumb man at that age...:((

  3. @Maria: I know - its so scary - the rate at which they grow up...but however smart they get the cuteness and innocent steals ur heart :)

    @Anamika: I feel the same way - infact he makes me look dumb in comparison even now ;)

  4. Keep him full of energy.He will make a very good political material.

  5. Yes I agree...he is total politics material :)

  6. awesome blog :)

    From :
    the guy from OTP ..
    hope u remember :)

  7. Thank u Karthik! Yes, I remember :)

  8. Thats how we all were at one point in time ,including a certain Maharastrian but growing up god knows where all the sensibility vanishes !
    Intrestingly meet a small boy of about 10 in the bus today who all of a sudden realized he should be angry with his friend and immediately he was like or maybe i will let go otherwise i will just have too much to remember about and i dont wanna spam my brains !

    I thought i should make him my philosophical guru!

  9. :) children are way smarter !

  10. Carl Sagan- the American astronomer says we should let our children ask questions. Whenever they ask, why is grass green? or why is Moon round? Many answer, what would you expect a grass to be, blue color? or What do you expect a moon to be like, a Square?

    As we grow our thinking gets biased. We should encourage children to ask. One should try to answer them properly or at least tell them that they don't the answer.


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