Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yes, I now proudly own a BlackBerry Bold 9700 – the most technologically advanced (and the most expensive) phone that I have ever bought!

Naah, don’t expect a geeky review of its features, specifications, et al. Neither do I understand the gizmo completely nor will I ever be fully conversant with all its paraphernalia – but showing off a BB feels great ;).

No gadget freak myself, I was hugely helped by my bro in the short listing process. My final decision though was based on the concept of elimination and not selection.

Here were my considered and carefully purged choices:
  • Non-smart phones (all the Nokias, Sony Ericssons, Samsungs, Motorola etc without 3G and below 10K): I always remember my Rule 1: If hubby’s footing the bill, don’t try to put a price tag on his love. No cheap stuff ;)
  • Samsung Corby: Refer Rule 1 above, apart from the fact that Samsung’s synonymous with the refrigerator in our house, like LG is with the ACs…so…. No offence meant to current Samsung mobile owners – There’s always a next time :D!
  • Nokia 5800: A real ‘value for money’ phone. However, Vish and Priyank both own a 5800, and there was no way I was going to do the hat trick, unless ofcourse Nokia presented it to me as family loyalty bonus :).
  • Nokia N97: I came quite close to buying this one, until I heard rumors about its distribution being stopped – also seemed a little bulky, and well, we didn’t click at first sight!
  • BlackBerry Storm: No wi-fi – the only reason I left this one. Priyank hated the touch screen, which is more like a touch-and-push screen.
  • Sony Ericsson Experia: This one got a strong recommendation from Priyank, but I have had 3 Sony Ericssons die out on me – I already have a fourth for my official use (Don’t ask me why I don’t learn – this one’s given by my office) – I guess that was reason enough to chuck it.
  • Nokia E71, E72: Too much like a Qwerty BlackB – but not half as good looking!
  • The “iPhone” – The strongest contender for Yuvika’s SIM ;)! I love the way an iPhone looks, behaves and attracts attention, but there was so much confusion around it that I lost interest in this Apple goodie. We were told legally unlocked iPhones with Apple warranty were available, and then we were told they went out of stock; iPhones locked with Vodafone too were out of stock. Airtel ones were available but I do not understand how the carriers are selling data plans in an almost non-3g country like ours (India). The Chennai heat got to me – Forget it, I said!
So goes the story of my acquisition. Am reasonably happy with the BB Bold – the classy look and feel, the business-like appearance, the QWERTY keypad, wi-fi, 3G – more than what I would ever use a phone for!


  1. Whohoo, madame Yuvika owns a Blackberry now! Cause for celebration and some champagne! Who can stop the green-eyed monster from rising.

    I like the way you have said: "The strongest contender for Yuvika’s SIM ;)! I love the way an iPhone looks, behaves and attracts attention . . ."

    All the best with your phone!

    Take good care and good-night!

    Joy always,

  2. Great Yuvika,

    I guess yur article will push up BB sales :)

    Many many congrats...Now you can mail,blog,tweet and publish FB updates..Don't forget to add the signature

    "sent from my black berry"


  3. yuvikaji "If hubby’s footing the bill, don’t try to put a price tag on his love. No cheap stuff"- hahaha

    Too bad i dont have a cell because i chose to stay away from them.

    After seeing the mobiles and features you've mentioned i might have to re-think.

  4. @ingvay: thank u hun, u made it possible ;)

    @Susan: Thanks a lot - yes the green eyed monster os oh so tempted :D

    @Anamika: That's a good tip. Thanks!

    @Venky: U must rethink - tho I too can survive without a cell phone and genuinely feel that its not a real necessity - some of these gadgets do attract you!

  5. Yuvika. Good elimination process.
    But did you also give a thought about the Nokia E72 and the E55(half quety). Especially the E55 has everything that a business phone needs and killer looks!
    No I don't own one, because I have to buy for myself, and no sponsors.. :P


  6. I did consider an E72 - tho not an E55...
    Without a sponsor, I can understand the pinch ;)

  7. hey...its good to know that now you are having BB.

    I am also using BB it.

    Cheers !!!

  8. Its a nice gadget..I myself own a Blackberyy curve 8900..Blackberry is really a nice gadget...Welcome to Black berry world..

  9. I have 8320 and quite happy with it.

  10. wow! we have a BB community here :) Proud to be part of your group - Niraj and Chowla ji.

  11. congrats on the phone yaar
    hw abt a treat at otp food court?

  12. Ahh...loved ur analysis. Me being a techie, your analysis read different. I liked point 1, why put a price on his love... Noble thoughts :D

  13. thank sure as a techie you have 100 or more logical analyses for and against the phone...but all that beats me :)
    and yes, thank u also for appreciating my noble thoughts...there's still nobility in this world :)

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