Thursday, February 19, 2009

This day...that year

Yes, it has been two years since we tied the knot. It's been a roller coaster really. Many of my friends comment that I am now "well married"; I wonder what they mean but somehow I still feel I am not "married enough" :).

It would take me an eternity to recap these two years that just flew by. The memories of February 19 2007 are so vivid in my mind. The whole wedding paraphernalia, the grandeur of the day, the intermingling of the joy of anticipation of a brand new phase and the sorrow of physically moving away from the family that is at the core of my being. Gosh, the big fat Indian wedding is no trivial task. It requires solid stamina, emotional support, meticulous planning and most importantly immense patience (the constant flow of curious relatives and friends, and what not).

Life's moved on, smooth sails and rough ones too, high tides and low tides but then life is always what you make it!


  1. Wish you a very Happy Wedding Anniversary! Good Luck!

  2. What a coincidence.You got married on 19th Feb.
    That is the day we got married too.
    Let us rememberer to wish each other from now onwards, please.

  3. That's a wonderful coincidence, yes we must remember!

  4. Life is what you make it...

    yes at least i can try :)


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