Monday, February 23, 2009

Jai Ho...all the way to LA and back!

What a scintillating performance at the Oscars by the Slumdog Millionaire! I personally enjoyed the movie and loved the songs...all of them...Ringa Ringa, Paper Planes...but undoubtedly Jai Ho being the most euphonious.

Following the Oscar ceremony from work today was exciting and the sensational win of Slumdog in eight categories including Best Picture, Best Director and the two for Rehman, ensured a very jubilant atmosphere at work.

I have been following Big B and the likes of him who are of the opinion that the movie portrays the impoverished India and thus not a befitting image for the Oscars. Yes, the movie is about the slumsdogs, but it does not exaggerate the deprivation; it tries to show that silver lining around the cloud which many have chosen not to see. No, am not defending the movie. However, you have to give it to Danny Boyle, an out and out British director, for capturing the Indian sensitivity and spirit so aptly. It's a real movie and reality is often disheartening - not the best movie about India, I agree, but not the worst either.

No words can do justice to the virtuoso that is A. R. Rehman. An ardent fan of Rehman's music myself, his victory does make me proud. For all the copy cats in Bollywood ranging from the Anu Maliks to the Pritams, we have atleast one true genius to boast of. Honestly, I feel there are some other numbers of Rehman that I thought are way better than Jai Ho, but I guess none of them got the kind of publicity and audience that the latter got. Nevertheless, well deserved Rehman.
Jai Ho!

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