Wednesday, January 8, 2014

hAAPy New Year, Indeed!

(P.S. This is a post on the local political scenario in Delhi, the capital of India)

So, the cynic me has finally lost to the hopeful me. 

Back in 2011, when the whole Anna Hazare movement started, I was one of the few who were vocally against what I considered plain blackmail. I did not and do not think that in a democratic (however screwed up) set up, fasting to get one's rights is a valid means of protest. I did do a post here - Anti Corruption and Anti Hazare. Many people did not like what I wrote - there was vehement disagreement. 

However, look at how far we have come. When Arvind Kejriwal decided to enter politics, my first reaction was, "Finally!"  There's no point fasting unto death against a democratically elected government.  You have to be in the system to do something about it or elect the people who can do it for you. But, I must admit, I was extremely cynical about the progress the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) would make - honest, non-politician politicians - that was utopia! 
In that typical "dilli" style, I remember saying, "ek yeh hi option hai - but hoga kucch nahin - kaun tikne dega inhe dilli mein!" (This is the only option but it is not possible - who will let them stay in Delhi). 
As the election day drew nearer, my FB feed and Twitter timeline were flooded with forwards and shares and memes and requests - all to spread awareness of AAP. I would read each one and dismiss all the support thinking all these internet junkies are not going to vote - all this hype will die its own death. Idealism, often, seems plain stupid.

But, I was wrong. I sadly recognize that AAP may have a bigger enemy in people like me who whine against the state of affairs, yet snub any beacon of change with sheer pessimism, "iss ka to kucch nahin ho sakta!" (Nothing can help the current situation) - than actual political opposition. 
Even when the Delhi election results showed that AAP had bagged so many seats - I did a quick calculation and was like - "They still are not majority, look, I always said, they'll never be able to form the government." 

Whatever be the coalition, Kejriwal did swear into the office of the Chief Minister of Delhi. 
I wanted to do this post then, but how can cynics be so easily placated. The confidence vote was still pending. Finally, when all that seemed to good to be true did come true, I was thrilled beyond measure. This could be the happiest year for Delhi in a long long time. I don't have to mention here what all the new government has already done. Almost everyday, there is news of a new endeavor, a new fulfilled promise. 

I wanted to tell myself to hold on to all the jumping with joy - Congress' political game, BJP's counter steps, what is power corrupts those who are yet untouched - but you know what, to hell with all of that. A common man, so fed up with those in power, with the support of equally frustrated middle class has dared to change the face of Indian politics - he deserves all the respect and support. 

We keep thinking who'll get their hands dirty and messy but he has done it. I think doomsday predictors and cynics who always want to know the complete picture - the other side of the coin, the "real" reason, the "complete truth" should take a break and make a leap of faith. One man, his supporters and his voters have already done it. 

Happy New Year. everyone!


  1. WOW! I just read that Delhi population is 22½-MILLION humans. Very glad you've moved from cynicism to hopfulness. Regarding my country's politics, I am still the cynic, but trying...trying.

    22 Daily newspapers in Delhi, no problem keeping up with the news--and those are the ones ON LINE!!! So I should look around there sometimes, have more than several FaceBook friends in your country.

    Thank you for your annual perspective on your country's affairs. It interests me--actually, Everything interests me--only too late--grin!

    Well written--but that's what you DO--write...right?
    PEACE and LIGHT, Yuvika

    1. Also, please keep musing...and ranting!!!


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