Monday, February 4, 2013

Mom's paintings on our walls!

Remember I shared some of my mom's paintings in my post: My super artist mom. I absolutely love her art work. She might be lazy enough to not getting down to picking up the brush (ouch, I am going to be hit for this one), but when she does, her creations are magical. I can't brag enough about her skill. Oh, and nor can dad. He can go on and on in appreciation. It is super cute to see him like that!

So, when my parents came visiting this winter, mom had a lovely surprise for us. Four paintings for our walls. I was absolutely thrilled, but sadly, given our preoccupation with my pregnancy and then the baby, we never got down to hanging them. This weekend, finally, Vish and I had the time to do that. I had promised myself I'd blog only after these were on the walls, and so sharing the paintings here (these are all oil on canvas, and I am posting the pictures without the frames, so that you can see them properly, without the frame glass reflections).

Oh, and btw, the first painting has a small story to it too. So, when I was in school (Class X), I had asked mom to make these cats for my room. I was in a major "doing up my room" spree, then. Now to be fair to her she did try (more than just once) to get down to making these, but something or the other more critical would come up. What do you expect, with a full time job and two brats for kids! However, all through school and college, I left no stone unturned to make her feel guilty :D. I used to always tell her back then - sometimes in annoyance and mostly jokingly, that if I'd have a daughter, she'd also reach grade 10, and the painting would not have been made. You can imagine poor mommy's plight, when I announced I was pregnant with a baby girl on her way. She was mortified that my prediction would come true and so that very instant got down to making the long promised painting, along with three others as bonus!

Oh, I don't say this often enough, I love you, mom!


  1. OMG..these are awesome paintings is it oil on canvas? Ur mom is a great artist :)

  2. Really beautiful..Liked the story behind the cats too.
    I love landscapes so my favourites are 3 and 4. The 3rd one is especially striking.

  3. Awesome paintings..No words to describe....I am sure Manya will enjoy looking at them in her own baby way...:)

  4. That was AWESOME!
    Excellent paintings which are sure to add more beauty to the walls.


    1. thanks, yep it surely does add so much beauty!


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