Thursday, January 24, 2013

Just another love story

The sun glistened on the snow.
The latter was shy but,
Didn't know where to go;
And so she stared back at it.

He sent down comforting rays,
That promised to make love to her
In a million alluring ways.
She'd dare not resist further...

As the morning gave way to noon,
His advances became more certain.
He promised her the moon,
And said he'll recede behind the curtain.

She no longer could bear
His inviting loving gaze;
And so flung her arms bare,
Looking back at him in a daze

And then happened what does
In most loving stories since the time;
She melted into an oblivious fuzz;
He turned around without flinching a dime.


  1. What am imagery! awesome..I loved this concept and the way u have put it in the form of verse...very creative indeed :)


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