Friday, July 6, 2012

WTF Series: Episode 07: Nuclear Families Responsible for Rise in HIV/AIDS

Read the news item here: 'Nuclear families lead to rise in HIV/AIDS'. And please do not miss the Comments section.

So, Karnataka's honorable Medical Education Minister raises the following very poignant reasons, which he attributes to the increase in the number of HIV infected people. Please note that he imparted these pearls of wisdom as part of a literacy campaign.

1. "Living in a joint family eradicates the possibility of extra marital affairs."
Ofcourse, AIDS is caused not because of exchange of bodily fluids such as in the case of blood transfusions, use of contaminated needles, sexual intercourse, and breastfeeding. It is caused by extra marital affairs.
Second, only spouses in nuclear families are tempted to "look outside" because they do not have elders watching over them.

2. "Reading of the Ramayana will help in eradicating HIV/AIDS."
The Ramayana teaches us to be loyal, apparently. Take the example of Lord Rama. He had only one wife, Sita, who he abandoned during her pregnancy for fear of public rumor on her chastity. That is the kind of an ideal husband a woman looks for, and a man should strive to be. And then, there will be no extra marital affairs and hence no AIDS.
I am slightly confused, if I read the Ramayana, do I still need to be in a joint family, under the watchful eyes of the elders? Maybe, his honorable minster will condescend to clarify in his next address.

In principle, I am not against the joint family system. It is a matter of convenience. If you get along and the arrangement is convenient for all parties involved; why not? If it causes constant friction and anxiety to any one involved; why?
As for the Ramayana, I do have a lot of issues with the text (which you can read in my post here), but that is also not the issue here.
What concerns me about these remarks is that if the Medical Education Minister does not understand a diseases, it's medical causes, how on earth will he be able to educate or even launch educational and medical campaigns in an effort to spread awareness and promote treatment. With one speech, he has undermined the efforts of all the AIDS campaigns and NGOs who work tirelessly to remove the social stigma attached to the disease.

Seriously, WTF.


  1. family has nothing to do with HIV AIDS

  2. Statistics are what they are...and I do not know even a little about them--or the research into types of families relating to percentages of disease.

    So I read this post with interest, Yavika, and wind up knowing not more, no less, except a few new terms. But have to leave this to you Peeps who know what you're talking about.
    I DO know (again very little!) about LOVE and PEACE,and send that to you...tonight!

  3. Such ignorance. The man should step down from office.

    Speaking of joint families, do check out my post on this topic HERE

    1. I swear, such ignorance is so frustrating. Read your post. Good one.

  4. WHat do i say ? or rather what CAN i say

  5. These fools do not want to find solution for problems. They just want to keep pointing fingers at someone or something!

    Anyone with real concern for the growing AIDS problem will never talk so irresposibly!

  6. What about those countless virgin women, who have got the disease from their husbands, who live in joint families and were then convinently blamed by their MILs for it? What about the kids born from those unions? It seems crazy to hear such things..


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