Friday, June 22, 2012

Prose from more than a decade ago...

My parents were upto some spying (I guess, err, they call it cleaning) in my room back home and came across two articles that I had written for a newspaper (The Times of India) in senior school. I wondered what all junk must still be buried after so many years in all those cupboards and shelves I guarded as a teenager :D. 

Anyways, dad was quick to scan both the pieces and send them across to me. He thinks it would be a good experience to relive my thoughts from when I was 16 :). Actually it was fun to read what I had written all those years ago. Sharing the pieces here...

This one reads a little sissy in parts. Infact, I don't even remember why I'd even attempted to write this! Mom faintly recalls that maybe there was some writing competition on a given topic and the winning pieces were published. I hope that is the true story...nevertheless, you can have a good laugh at my expense!

The next piece is somewhat better. I don't know if you guys remember but around the turn of the millennium, there was a lot of media coverage on how maybe the coming generations are not as good as the previous in terms of responsibility and maturity. I remember writing quite an elaborate piece, which ofcourse was edited to its following published version. Queen's 'We Will Rock You' was a huge hit during our growing up years!


  1. Ya, Yuvika, the future of the world and India is secure. Hmmmm!

    Like the guy said: "In the end everything be OK. If it not OK, well--it's not the END!" (In fact, that was in recent movie (recommended highly by ME!)
    “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”--when you are able, you MUST see this, about American tourists, who wish to retire in India.

    LOVED going through your older writings, girl! I do that also, except mine are WWII vintage! Believe this or not, one of my first poetry attempts was titled THE GLISTENING GREEN BLADE!!! About 1945. So history repeats itself in many places, many ways.

    THANK YOU for this sharing...

    1. It does, it does :). Thank you for writing in!

  2. Good old memories ..

    glad to have read the two articles ..

    but do you still think on those last lines do they hold true, for I think things have gone worst now then they were then , just my thought ..


    1. I agree with you, things are getting worse and hope is diminished...

  3. Good memories...Yuvi.
    Really like your postings.
    - N V Chowdhary Paruchuri

  4. wow! u could write so well back then itself :-)
    Love the 2nd one especially.. so positive and full of hope..we know its far from the way things transpired for our gen..but still we had that ability to hope!

    1. yep - that cheerful hope - i have become quite a sarcastic being since then :D.


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