Friday, September 2, 2011

The Myth of Sisyphus

Even if you are not half the FB addict that I am, I bet you must have noticed the "On This Day in 20XX" notifications that pop-up on your sidebar in Facebook, giving your status updates on the same dates for the previous years. It's like a forced trip down memory lane, but guess what - I am not complaining. 

I am totally enjoying not only reading my old status messages (yeah, yeah, go ahead and call me a narcissist :P) but also all the comment threads that follow. It is super fun - ofcourse, you need to be jobless enough to (a) notice the side bar, and (b) have the time to read all the old stash - but then oh well!

What made me write this post was this uncanny the following was my status message on this day in 2010, where I mention feasting on butterscotch icecream. 

Surprisingly (or not), I am doing exactly the same thing today - binging on butterscotch icecream - I swear which is not my favorite flavor. 

And thus, I was reminded of Albert Camus. The Myth of Sisyphus, anyone? In a way, I am where I was and continue to do what I was doing - 12 months just sneaked in from nowhere. I have always sworn by Camus' philosophy of absurdity and the futility of human life, and with each passing year my conviction only gets stronger - there is an inherent pointlessness in all the toil and the days that go by...

(However, with this realization I am still not going to give up my material (or online) possessions or obsessions - because if everything is meaningless, then I'd rather scrounge for the pseudo yet satisfying sense of satisfaction that these little (!) things give me - so don't worry, I am here to stay :D).

Coming back to FB and Camus - it is kind of oxymoronic to say this - but both continue to rock (till a more profound tragic moment of self realization hits me)!

Oh yes, hello September!


  1. :D so this post tells me I am not an FB addict as of now because I have not noted the change.

    lol.. I hadn't heard about this Myth but googled it up after you post. What an interesting philosophy :d I guess I will grab the book.

    But there is one nice thing about it all- the same things continue to make you feel happy. :)That's good I guess.

  2. :) yep u r NOT an addict, and that's awesome news!

  3. Am i missing something .. I dont get that on my FB ..

    and the myth had not heard about it too.. true we learn something new each day :)


  4. u'll get it only on the days got which u had updated the status on the same date in the previous year...

  5. Even I've not noticed the tab that you have mentioned but I am quite up to date with the new interface and I like to say that I'm not an addict.

    P. S: Seeing this, I sent a friend request to you. :)

    Joy always,


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