Monday, April 4, 2011

The cup that brewed a storm…

So finally something to break the silence!

Yes, yes we did it!
The Cricket World Cup excitement caught the entire nation in a whirlpool of enthusiasm and this feverish excitement was contagious enough to affect me too. My stance on cricket has varied between unaffected ignorance and annoyed irritation. The fanaticism with which the game is followed has been unnerving but the Saturday that was April 02nd was a day I would excuse the loud crackers and the joyous cheers – I couldn’t help but smile at the ardent fan following the game and the masters of it enjoy! (I actually live tweeted the last few overs – change of heart…err no not really!)

But then, let’s stop at that. What’s with the waiting helicopters, the real and replica cups, and ofcourse Madame Poonam wanting to strip.

Each one is welcome to do what they want, but at what cost and whose cost?

The millions worth of gifts presented – the lavish treatment – where does the buck stop, where do you draw the line? You want to dismiss it as mere cynicism, so be it. The fact is we are a developing nation and yes, by all means we should felicitate the victorious and those who make us proud but how much is the question. If this is about encouraging sports, then why only Cricket?

(And now I duck as the cricket fans throw brickbats my way.)

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  1. Now, please don't ask me to go on with that. Last night my roommate told me how the cup was not a real one and a replica. I was flabbergasted. What?

    Well, the people can accept players getting so many gifts in the form of money, land, houses and other things but they cannot digest when politicians give laptops, Television sets and other stuff to POOR people. Well, this this INDIA. Take it or shrug it off.

    Nice to see a post after a long time, Yuv. How have you been?

    Joy always,

  2. TOtally agree with you on this one .. Too much I understand that pride .. But the aftermath that has happeend SHAME on the GOVT. it has crores to spend on these players who alreayd EARN crores .. they should have done for ones who cant...

    and exactly what about other games, the World cup Hockey winners of 1975 ,, a few of the players are STILL WAITING for the AC train PAsses for SECOND CLASS..
    and these guys get first class ..
    this is the hypocracy of our country a foreign game we love so much and our own we dont give a damn.


  3. 28yrs historic win for Indian's

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  4. you have the most timid abilities of thinking having been well educated.

    ur question why cricket ? why not every country follow only 1 or 2 sports to the core. If in India its Cricket its footer in Brazil, France, Spain. Rugby in Ireland. Baseball in cuba etc .. so we are not different. Only team sports bring a nation together, never have individual sports brought an euphoria to a nation.

    only 3 nations follow multiple sports England, America and Australia... so u dont have 2 draw lines which the educated english women of the country ask for

  5. I agree that the lavish treatment given to cricket and cricketers was beyond normalcy!

    If only they knew how to put money to better use!

  6. Hey, a big hi to all of you!

    Thank you for writing your views on this!


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