Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tagged (by TBG)

My first ever tag - tagged by TBG here.

Okay, so I'm supposed to mention 9 things that I've worn the most. These could be anything!

And, here I go:

1. My wedding ring - More than 3 years now, and it is on me almost always!

2. My pink flip flops - I am wearing them right now and wear them pretty much all the time I spend at home - Have owned them now for more than a year – and love them!

3. My plain black hair pins – Very rarely will I be seen without my hair pinned back ;). And if I tell you for how long I have been using hair pins, you will pretty much guess my age :D.

4. My favorite denim skirt – My parents bought this from a Numero Uno sale in CP when I was in Class X for my birthday! With each passing year I fall in love with it even more! (and yes, I still fit into it :p)

5. My blue jeans – basic Levi’s 584. Very comfortable for just about anywhere and everywhere. I have owned this one for more than 5 years now!

6. My favorite pair of earrings – and obviously the most worn pair ever! One of the just-after-wedding gifts from my hubby!

7. White capris/shorts – My first ever buy in the U.S of A at the American Eagle Outfitters store on the Third Street, Santa Monica, a couple of years back. And that’s not the only reason I like it so much. It’s convenient for most activities – walk, trek, trip to the theme parks, etc etc.

8. My only khaki skirt – Have owned this one now for almost three years now and whenever I have got the opportunity to wear skirts (which I don’t do much in Chennai) this one’s always on the top!

9. Last but not the least - My formal black trousers – I have this pair from Van Heusen that has been with me since my first ever job interview. It’s classy and neat at the same time. Team it up with any formal shirt and am ready to take it on :).

All those who read this, please consider yourself tagged and I am sure it will be fun reminiscing on all the treasured possessions over the years!


  1. Shows that you are good at maintaining your weight given the fact that most of these clothes are more than a year old. Great!

    How is the holiday coming or are you back in India?

    Take care.

    Live life with bliss,

  2. The skirt you got in class 10 still fits you?


    *takes an old sheet and spreads it over the treadmill*

    Bows down head with embarrassment.

    Pssst... Got another tag for you already! :P

    Don't keeeeeel me!

  3. @Susan: actually I am able to maintain the lowers long than the tops :(.
    The holiday is doing great - another 10 days to go :)

    and yes, you are the first one :) makes me feel honored, always!

    @Mr. Lemon: thank you, if you find it interesting, do consider yourself tagged!

    @Sameera: thanks, my love too!

    @TBG: Yayay - that is my claim to fame ;)
    OK, another tag - let me check out and see if u need to be keeeled ;)

    @Chowla ji: Yes the formals are really nice - that is again a buy from my dad :)

  4. wonderful collection u have got..:)

    Enjoyed reading the post..;)

  5. thank u Jesson and Sushobhan

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    With Luv


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