Monday, February 8, 2010

The games we play...

Remember the days when summer vacations meant hoarding board games for the long, hot afternoons, when the Christmas break was not all about video gaming and Internet surfing, when families got together and played games at the dining table rather than facebooking on their individual laptops?

I belong to the generation that got caught in the e-revolution only in their mid and late teens, and therefore, often feel nostalgic at the site of the Games section of a Landmark or a Toys R Us store.

Last year, when we came back from the States, I made it a point to stock up on my favorite board games, and secretly pledged to play them as regularly as possible. As is understandable, the latter required immense effort in terms of begging hubby dear, cajoling my brother, tempting my MIL, and luring almost every visitor to our place. I must boast that it has been quite an achievement, and hence this post is a pat on my back for the refreshed memories!

A few snapshots of the games I like; suggestions to add on are most welcome!

Scrabble - An all time favorite - also a game that I hope to win always and succeed quite a few times! Vish and I have the most interesting love-hate conversations ranging from heart-felt affectionate banter to mild profanities to the most gruesome allegations (a case in point, whoever gave you an English Lit degree with the kind of vocab you have - this comes especially when I have no alternative but to add an 's' on a 'reasonably good word made by his highness), when it comes to this game :).

Monopoly comes next in my list - The only reason this doesn't make it to the No. 1 slot (even though I am addicted to it) is because in my 26 years of existence, I have never ever won a single time -My most memorable games have been with M and S over fountains (slight exaggeration - crates, maybe?) of red wine (well, usually red :))!

Ludo and Snakes & Ladders, I agree, are the most mind-numbing games ever.
But, I still love the aimless rolling of the dice to get that '6' to start the damn game...

And I truly adore the sucker at no. 99...


  1. Hey!!! I too love board games and my hubby and I just love playing them..R list includes chess,scrabble and some time if we have friends then we play dice games too......
    Nice to see you missing the same games .I am sure they will revive back.

    Also,how can you not mention CARDS...:D

  2. pictionary? parcheesi? what abt those?
    i'm glad to know u have board games at home, how abt u play with ads when we come over -- or are u not THAT desperate yet?!!! ;-)

  3. @Anamika: Yes, how did I forget cards - next I need to buy a pack of cards..that's another addiction...

    @Aps: ofcourse I am that desperate... Would love to play with Ads! Pictionary is a must buy...parcheesi is somewhat like ludo right?

  4. awww....i love board games...i hav to beg beg beg Tabrez to play monolopy with me. I just loved playing monopoly, ludo and snakes n ladder all my growing up years. even Scotland yard. And loved scrabble with mom and dad!
    This is what i wrote when i bought monopoly again last year -
    Now, when i go back to Mom's place, we all play monopoly all through the night. Everybody is so so addicted to it :) and Ive taken to cards also lately..another old interest..although i hardly ever win :(

  5. What's with hubbies acting tuf to please :)
    but i see u atleast win! so that's really good!

    Cards has been an all time fav too!

  6. Board games will never go out of circulation.I can tell you in the last about 50 yrs I have seen those in practically every country I have visited.

  7. True...board games will continue to hold us together :)

  8. Good idea and a simple flow,the pics show a fair amount of dedication. I was watching a movie "striker"...and there was a dialogue in the movie "dedh laakh ka fatka, jaise saanp seedhi mein anthanwe(98) ka saanp kaatta hai..seedhe paanch(5) pe.."

  9. thanks :)
    Striker's released already?

  10. yes it was a last week release..a good movie..anyways this week is for MNIK

  11. oh...yep MNIK is all overt he place!

  12. I still have the Scrabble we bought from Toys R US like ages ago! And I mean ages ago!

    And she always wins... :(

    Darn it.

  13. I think (at the risk of generalizing) women are better with the play of words ;)

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