Saturday, November 7, 2009

Raindrops on roses...

The local headlines in Chennai, a city am still learning to get accustomed to and growing attached to, maybe bordering on even falling in love with, inspite of all the idiosyncrasies, read something like this:
"Heavy rains batter Chennai"; "Torrential rains flood the city"

My FIL had sounded high alert this Wednesday itself. Frankly, I hadn't been giving second thought to his warnings and words of caution simply because I was being chaperoned everyday to work and it didn't really matter how the weather was, second work pressure has been a little over the top!
However, our driver gave us the royal ditch by not turning up on both the days with the so called "torrential rains" - yesterday and today. On Friday, I was furious - I hated the auto ride, the flooded streets, the dirty wetness in the feet, the dripping umbrella, the messed up hair...

But today morning, when I got up to the sound of the turbulent downpour from the menacingly dark clouds above - spatting on us mortal with a venomous vengeance - I smiled and opened my bedroom window wide.
I lingered my gaze out for quite a long time - in that seemingly thunderous outburst was tranquility that is sometimes missing in the most silent of places, in the blurred scene there was clarity of thought.

I had to go to work but I couldn't bring myself to complain. I recalled the wonderful times when all us kids in the neighborhood used to get together and play frisbee in the rains; the joy of splashing in water is unmatched - believe me.

Anyways, I put on some good loud bollywood music (for those interested: Love aaj kal, New York and that stupid chiggy wiggy song ;)), and geared up for work. I had to take a rick, pick this colleague, who's more a friend, R, from her place and then travel to office.
When I reached the street next to my place, my first reaction was Oh my gawd!! There was almost knee-deep water on the roads, that were now transformed to rivers and u bet, I was so excited.

Water flooding our auto, R wading through the river to reach us, cars splashing water to right uptil your face - there was mayhem in the city and I was in the middle of it! I was mightily kicked - I mean c'mon, am I in a metro city or what? Though, this time I did not feel like cribbing about the infrastructure or rather the lack of it.
I always miss Kodak moments and was able to capture only one or two low resolution pics on my mobile camera. Posting one here.

The situation was much worse in the evening - it took us almost an hour to reach home and when I got off the auto I just didn't feel like opening up the umbrella - I hopped and skipped in the rain, savoring the wonderful feeling of the water drops falling on my cheeks and tiptoed home! It sounds crazy, but I feel like doing the frisbee thing or the aimless splashing around once again - there are only very few things that can salvage your soul from the chaotic depressing misery of everyday reality, and getting wet in the rain is one of them.

I love the person who wrote:
Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain

Happy rain dancing, everyone!


  1. Nosalgia hits....I remember countless wet octobers in Chennai...and one particular June/July 1999 in Mumbai....Marine Drive in the rains...perfect!

  2. :) appa has been telling me how u and Vish have given him many an anxious waits thanks to both u guys' fascination for "loitering" in such conditions :p

  3. If there is something more pleasurable than rain, it is winter rain and I'm sure you wouldn't beg to differ. And our own Delhi is on the brink of winters. And I'm already yearning for the winter rains!

  4. at this point i am so missing winters - i'd agree with u hands down :)...

  5. Yuvika,
    Through a friend's orkut profile I reached here. Just read couple of your posts (more to read, will read).
    Of course this one is nostalgic. I had a different feeling "Chennai is bad when it doesn't rain and worse when it rains"; but now, with all its drawbacks and limited access during rainy season, I've started loving this place. I wouldn't want to use my rain coat when it rains heavily... halting at the signal, smiling at the near by Auto Driver and saying... "Nalla mazha..." haa.. i just love it!
    It was pleasure reading your post... keep writing... you got a good skill (obviously... u have to be... Tech Writer :) )

  6. Thank you Vinayan! Nice of you to drop in. Chennai takes some getting used to and then it's not all that bad...same goes for the rains as well :)


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