Friday, June 26, 2009

The King of Pop takes his final bow on the stage of life…

Most of us in this part of the world awoke to the shocking news of the untimely demise of one of the world’s most famous men – Michael Jackson. Though not a real music buff, the headlines reporting MJ’s death did not leave me unaffected.

I fondly recall how in school we use to try to emulate his complicated dance techniques – the most fascinating one being the moonwalk. His highly stylized music videos such as Black or White were the highlights of watching MTV in the 90s. The hugely popular number written by him, ‘We are the World’, is still an all time favorite.

Majority of my growing up years were spent discussing the colorful persona of MJ and the latest scoops. I remember having long serious deliberations with friends and family on his cancelled tour to India - his plastic surgery, the bleached skin - the reason behind it – an attempt to hide his African-American origins or the self-confessed condition of vitiligo, his family history, his childhood years, his marriage to Elvis Presley’s daughter and ofcourse the much talked about accusations of pedophilia slammed at him from multiple quarters.

The loss of this icon to the world of music is undeniable. His distinctive musical sound has, over these glorious five decades, positively influenced so many genres of music including hip hop, pop, R&B and soul music. He remains the greatest entertainer of all times and I am sure millions of fans worldwide echo my sentiments of disbelief and denial at the exit of this star who was raring to make a comeback that was destined not to happen.

May his soul rest in peace.


  1. hmm i totally agree its a great loss to the world :( ...he was pure genius...........and the kind of aggression he had in his performances .....i think that was totally amazing.....RIP MJ

    haan toh woh MJ ki sari cassettes abhi bhi teri cupboard ke lowest shelf mein padi hain..... :P should i courier them to u??.......

  2. seriously? woh cassettes abhi bhi padhi hain? time dekhungi!

  3. hi! read a few of your posts..must i impressed!!! great going girl..where are you?

  4. hey woman...i don't believe this...where art thou....u are untraceable on any of the social networking very much alive good to hear from u...pls write back with ur contact details!!!!

  5. see u there...


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