Sunday, April 26, 2009

I need a break!

The last two three weeks have been frenetic. As if extended work hours (from eight hours to nine hours a day), thanks to my organization's paranoia over recession, was not enough to frazzle me, now work spills over to holidays and weekends!

Have been toiling away every holiday (Tamil New year, the impromptu bandh by the Tamil Nadu govt.) and weekend for the last three weeks. Add to that 3 hours of traveling everyday - the perfect recipe for an exasperated and weary being faintly resembling me.
Often my mind feels numb and it takes long to focus on something outside my long list of to-dos.

The only extended family, relatives and friends I am in touch with are those that are on Orkut and Facebook. For some small mercies, since I am always at the comp, I steal some time here and there to log on to these social networking sites. Gone are the days of those never-ending phone calls with endless banter and gossip and the aimless surfing of channels on the idiot box. I am totally out of touch!

Believe me, I am not a cribber at work and till a couple of months back, I have seldom had Monday morning blues. In the true earnestness of being a Monday's child (yes, was born on a Monday!), all through school, college and work, I have been that one-off cheerful kid, enthusiastically and meticulously engaged with preparation for the coming week every Sunday evening.

But this year has been so frenzied that all my patience and perseverance has been put to test. I swear to god I need a break to recuperate from the damage of having overworked and to rejuvenate my spirits so that I can atleast endeavor to think from a new perspective.

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  1. all work n no play makes yuvi a dull gal...heyy!! head 4 a hair spa , or resort to some retail therapy,better still dine out (translates in2 pigging out to ur heart's content)...


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