Monday, January 19, 2009

Lost world...

It almost seems as if I have lost the world. I have to check the dates on the blog to see when the last time I thought of blogging for a positive experience was.

The fact: I have lost my phone.
Another fact: I am not the irresponsible kind but once a while my cell phone does find a way to get out of my reach.
Third fact: I have never ever lost my phone before this, which takes me to the ultimate fact: I am very depressed and miserable.

Now, down to the gory details, not that there are much to boast of. An innocent trip to the rest room in the midst of a hectic Monday noon. Not-so-innocent bystanders. I leave my phone there. Come back after half an hour to find nothing; I am sure it was gone in 6 seconds (if not fewer).

Aaargh, it’s a terrible feeling. I hate misplacing things. Lately, I have acquired the forever-victimized syndrome, and this incident brutally reinforces it. I mean what the *&^%, why me?

My dear phone, with all the numbers, pictures, wall papers must be by now a proud possession of some dumb a##h*&^.

Yeah yeah, I ought to be careful, why should I curse somebody else, my fault, I was not responsible enough and blah blah and blah. What the hell, is it a crime to expect basic honesty from people? Why should I always breathe with caution? Nobody or nothing is safe anywhere. Even in the expected security of an office, I should move around as if I am moving in enemy territory, keep all my belongings tied to myself with the paranoia that I don’t know what I’ll lose where.

I am damn pissed. When is judgment day; is there is any hope for retribution?

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  1. Get a life, dear! It's only a cellphone, a tool of communication. Sometimes I sit and imagine days when there were no cellphones. Do the same, will make you feel a lot better! And stop feeling victimised, for crissake! Life moves on.


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