Sunday, December 7, 2008

Les premières douches de neige

At the risk of being dismissed as a kid, I write here about my new found fascination with winters…cold, white, snowy winters.

I can relate totally to my three and a half year old nephew’s enthrallment at the sight of a truck, only in my case, it’s a snow truck!
It’s such a pleasure to wake up in the morning to the sounds of the snow truck backing up and beeping because that’s a signal that a beautiful sight of a pristine white blanket enveloping the streets, roofs, trees awaits you.

Though hailing from the northern part of India and having been born in Shimla (one of those places in India where it snows), I had not witnessed the glory of a snowfall till the last month. I have seen snow collected in glaciers in Kedarnath and Badrinath, and even California, but nothing like witnessing les premières douches de neige (the first snow showers).

An impossible romantic at heart, appreciating the beauty of nature, I must boast, comes naturally to me but there’s a whole fun angle to this snow thing you know. It takes you back to memories of fairy tale books that talked of cotton balls falling from heaven, of decorating bulletin boards in school with white cotton during December to celebrate Christmas, of the pictures of snowman and Santa with his reindeers on a sledge in the snow, of scenic bollywood songs (Yahooooo..from Kashmir ki Kali being my favorite) and quixotic Hollywood flicks (remember Serendipity?).

Ofcourse there are the practical problems that mundane everyday life imposes…frost bites, traffic jams, cleaning of the car and blah blah and more. But I am not complaining, it’s a delight to throw snowballs at Vish as he cleans the car everyday and complains, it’s absolutely thrilling to click pictures of the poor snow truck guy as he is groggy at work since like 4 in the morning, and finally it’s great fun to observe cars on the road and figure out from the condition of the car which guy has a covered parking! Maybe I have this impish streak in me which surfaces time and again…and maybe the season contributes to the craziness as well :)

Here are some pictures that stand testimony to all the joy and excitement that a white winter brings!

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  1. Hey! Thanx for your positive appraisal for my blog. And the good writing i attribute to my formative years as a Fransalian, a view even you would be bound to share. By the way I share my name with your brother, a fact i knew but had been eroded by the dust of time. Hope he is fine and Prabha Mam is also doing wonderfully. And stay in touch on my blog as well as yours!


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