Monday, August 10, 2020

Walk with me...

Walk with me..

Even though you kick hard 

for someone so tiny.

Can't wait for you to see these sights

When you are out of my belly.

Walk with me...

Your curious eyes absorbing

Everything they can see.

Not too happy constrained in a stroller,

You'll soon be on your own two feet.

Walk with me...

My heart melts eveytime

Your little finger wraps around mine

Uncertain steps but a strong will

There are places you simply must be.

Walk with me...

But I know you'd rather prefer

To run a mile ahead of me.

The first realizations that I cannot hold you forever,

Begin to dawn on me.

Walk with me...

You stride so beautifully;

I can't take my eyes off you.

We match our steps and our enthusiasm -

New adventures await you and me.

Walk with me...

I think I get tired more often now;

I sometimes struggle to keep pace.

But I promise I do try, and the world

Is such a wonderful place for you and me.

Walk with me...

I need your hand

The hills seem steeper than before

Leap forward, race ahead, my dear

But promise to keep checking in for me.

Walk with me...

Distances and spaces separate us,

But our love mends them all.

Carry me in your heart my little one -

It's you who breathes life into me.

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