Thursday, June 11, 2020

Passing thoughts...

It has been more than three years that I have posted on this blog (I still continue to post in fits and starts on my mommy blog) - A lot has happened since then or not, maybe, who knows. Has it taken a global pandemic to make me cawl back into what used to be may favorite place on the world wide web? Not sure. In one moment, I feel I have so much to write about and in another I am blank. I second guess my opinions. Some days I am not sure how I feel about anything and everything. Have I become a fence sitter too long? It is a comfortable position but not very rewarding. Over the years, I feel my leanings and affliations have become theoretical - they inhabit the space between far left and far right, a little bit of this and that -  When I see the people around me I seem to have known for ever, I see them taking stand, gravitating towards firm, almost rigid, views on a particular side - while I swim in the murky grey waters where I don't have much company.

Increasingly, I get this feeling that the world and the people are getting polarized - not many want to trudge the middle ground any more. If you don't take a "stand", your view is considered pointless or just not interesting enough. There is growing absolutism in faith, belief, the sides we take. We no longer want to talk about the pros and cons of the two sides - any attempt at the same is promptly dismissed as appeasement and even libtardism. Absolutist discourses make me uneasy and uncomfortable.

As I often find myself pondering over this shift in attitudes and behaviors I wonder is it because moderation is not cutting it anymore? Making allowances for everybody's failures and everybody's wins is no longer cool because is it no longer working for the civilization - Is the need for "radical" change driving this wave of 'my way or the highway' sentiment. I am not naive enough to not understand that activism needs more substance that theoretical ruminations...  Maybe revolutions cannot be brought over by empathy for all involved. 

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