Thursday, June 11, 2020

In the Emerald City...

...not of Oz but the shining gem of the Pacific Northwest - Seattle. So we moved up north from Portland - more than two and a half years ago! What do they say about better late than never?

Well for one, I am getting too old for packing things up and setting up home again. The kid though has been a champ with the big move.

Life has been humming by fairly steadily - we found a home to call ours, a nice neighborhood, a great community, a wonderful city, an awesome school, lovely friends, favorite hangouts .... basically the village is being formed. 

I love the overcast weather - have never been a sun person - its cold and damp 8-9 months atleast and I don't complain. M could take some more dry spells because rain often interferes with plans in the great outdoors. However our tolerance for other weathers is decreasing. If it's 55F and sunny, M declares it a hot, sunny day and strips down to shorts and will eat only watermelon and icecream. I lose patience if it crosses 74F. Vish wears hoodies till its 76F and then complains at 77F that it has become too warm! So go figure!

Seattle is beautiful, green - no dearth of places to visit or hikes to do. It's avant-garde - arts, foods - it has something for everyone. We do miss the exclusivity and the "smallness" of Portland as tens of miles mean nothing in this giant city with a huge suburbia but you do best with what you get. M often syas I do not want to move to anywhere - I just smile - it's forever till today. Tomorrow guarantees nothing.

(And now with no posts for 3+ years and two in a single day, I might have jinxed my come back. Still looking for my muse, for inspiration to strike...)

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