Monday, July 20, 2015

The Lament of the First Silver

As I brushed my (not-so) long (not-so) silky mane in front of the mirror today,
My eyes noticed a shimmer in one of those (not-so) desirable tresses -
What was it - a play of the newly fitted incandescent light bulb?
As I looked closer, my heart grew heavier...
However fanciful a sliver might sound - there was my first white - white as snow!

Oh good lord, my first white at the (not-so) tender age of four years before thirty-five
Does this happen, is it true, was this a sign of a cancer or a tumor or worse,was it simply old age?
Old age at one year after thirty - has this what it has come to? Should I sign my will already?
Are days of spring long gone, am I in the autumn of my life already?

Oh but hang on, what was that news about pollution and stress - all those chemicals in the food and air?
I look around and forget the pollution, there's my toddler and my (supposed) better half 
There's also some unrecognizable mess on the rug, and piles of laundry from the weekend.
I can't blame the gray today on global warming alone, I sigh!

My first reaction was of rage - I plucked that unwanted weed from my (not-so) happy garden
The sense of foreboding doom loomed large over my (otherwise fairly well) being
And I turned for solace to my best friend these days - the WWW.
Don't pluck, it said - color it the colors of joy - like really burgundy colored white hair seem like the thing?

Disheartened I called my loving mother who was mighty amused and said - one's a mother's blessing!
Humbug, clearly she waited a little over three decades to bless her daughter...
I mentioned it in passing to the man of the house who tutted over his tablet without so much as a glance up.
With accusatory eyes I showed the lock to my daughter who heartlessly laughed away my lamentation.

Clearly, I am growing old, in oblivion.

A couple of calming scoops of strawberry icecream later, I am trying to live again
It is difficult I won't deny, but then I take my self for a survivor.
Life is so cruel that it beats me, I think I need to open some wine tonight -
That with more icecream and chocolate should show that mocking silver that I haven't given up, as yet!)

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